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Facebook Video: Why you Need to get on Board Now

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Today I'm going to share with you why you need to be investing in Facebook video content. With over 2 billion active users every day, it's no wonder over 100 million hours of Facebook video is watched daily. The amount of video watched on Facebook is hard to ignore, and every day, more organisations are becoming aware of its power.

The Facts

Facebook Videos rake in over 8 billion daily views, so if you have something to say you should be saying it with video! Everyone knows advertising has always been visual; we've all seen the posters, pictures, flyers, billboards and TV ad's but what about the power of online advertisement using Facebook Video? With 400 new users signing up to Facebook every minute, the potential is never-ending.

Video gets 135% higher reach than photos on Facebook, so If you implement video content into your marketing strategy, with the power to target "your" audience, the impact can be huge.

Research shows that users are 5 times more likely to watch Facebook videos on a mobile phone. On mobile, users prefer shorter video ads,15 seconds or less.

Shorter videos have higher completion rates so bear that in mind when creating your videos, make sure they are mobile friendly. 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off, so if your message is vocal, it's a good idea to add subtitles to your video campaign.

Benefits of Facebook Video Advertising

Now you know the facts about Facebook video advertising, but what are the benefits of investing in video content? There are many reasons why you should take the leap and invest your marketing budget in video. Below I have listed my top four reasons why.

Increase views with Auto play: In 2017, Facebook introduced autoplay; a feature that meant videos would start playing automatically in users' news feeds meaning it's more likely that your video advert will be watched.

Specific targeting: One of the great things about Facebook advertising is that you have a wide range of demographics you can use to target "your" audience. This means you will only be targeting your ad at people who are likely to be interested in your brand, which in turn is cost useful for you.

Only pay if your video ad is viewed: Facebook recently introduced a new 10-second video bid feature to its video advertising, Facebook now recommends the bid type; Impression (CPM)

When you choose Video Views optimisation with the CPM charging option, you're choosing to pay per impression. If you choose this bid type, your ad will be optimised to reach people who are likely to view your video for an aggregate of at least 10 seconds, or for nearly its total length, whichever happened first - Facebook.

The average Facebook video is said to be around 60 seconds, so the idea is if someone watches your video for a total of 9.5 seconds, you won't be charged. You can get a lot said in 10 seconds, but research shows you only have the first 3 seconds to engage users so think long and hard about your message and how you will capture your audience.

Exposure: 79% of online adults are on Facebook. With a figure like that Facebook Video gives you the potential to get your video seen in every corner of the world. Ever searched google for something and found a video appear at the top of your browser from YouTube? Facebook videos also appear up here, which means your video exposure is beyond the Facebook platform.

If you weren't convinced before I hope you are now! Its time to take your brand name and put it into Facebook video, raise awareness and boost your business popularity. What are you waiting for!

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