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Conversion Rate Optimisation: 7 Tips To Success

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

So, you built a website, promoted it on Facebook, you are getting a fair amount of visitors, but no one is buying your products. Why? Unfortunately, having a nice site isn't enough, conversion doesn't just happen, you need to optimise for it, and that rule applies to a one-man band or a corporation.

You can Google search for conversion tips, and several articles will come up with 20+ "top tips" however, a lot of those articles are displaying simple common sense tips, if you know what a conversion is in marketing terms, then you are not looking for common sense. Having said that, my top 7 tips might seem fairly obvious to some, but they are the most crucial tips to get more conversions..

1. High-quality Visuals

Obvious right? You would think so! Too many businesses are displaying low-resolution images and many online companies only display the images in small icons. Naturally, you will try to take a screenshot and then zoom in but it's always pixilated, and you can't get a clear picture of what you are trying to buy.

Other online businesses are not displaying images at all. Instead, they are telling us what they can do for us, i.e. a service they offer but, they are not displaying any clear evidence making it hard for a consumer to trust what they say they can do. Consumers never buy anything without seeing it. Can you imagine trying to sell a car, it's blue, has four wheels and an exhaust pipe...SOLD! Said nobody, ever! The moral of this little story is to make sure you display images and make sure they are high resolution!

2. Promotional Offers And Discount Codes

Everyone wants to feel like they are getting a bargain. Whether you sell a product or a service, offering discount codes is an effective strategy for enticing new customers to do business with your company. It is also a good way of rewarding repeat customers for their loyalty to your brand. I'm sure you have all purchased something online and then received a 15% off your next order voucher. It makes the consumer feel valued, and the next time they want to buy a similar product or service they are more likely to go back and use your discount code which in turn means more revenue for your business.

3. Detailed Descriptions

Make sure you describe the product in detail, so the customer knows exactly what they are getting. When shopping online, customers can't see or touch or examine the products they're interested in, they need detailed descriptions. Imagine you were buying the product you are selling. Imagine you were buying a new coat: Does it come in any other colour? What fabric is it made from? Is it waterproof? What sizes is the coat available in? What size is the model wearing the coat? How long is it? Think like a customer and ask yourself what would you want to know during the purchasing process and try to incorporate those answers in your product description.

4. Cart Abandonment Software

A user has landed on your site, placed something in the shopping cart and then abandoned it. 74% of retail shoppers will abandon purchases after placing items in the cart. Cart Abandonment Software can significantly increase your conversion rates by reminding shoppers that they were going to purchase something. The software allows you to create follow-up emails that will send the user an email with their contents still in the shopping cart. Some software's will also enable you to offer a discount code as an incentive to complete the purchase. It is hard to say the exact effect in a percentage that this type of software has, but some businesses have reported up to a 30% increase in sales after using the software.

5. Optimise For Mobile Devices

Your eCommerce store needs to work on mobile devices. It is statistically much more likely that eCommerce customers will be viewing your website from a smartphone or tablet. In 2017 77% of UK adults bought goods or services online, so making sure your website is optimised for mobile viewing is essential.

6 Retarget Customers

A user has visited your site, looked at a product and then left. Why not reach out to those users and try to get them to make a purchase. When the user visits your webpage a little tracking code (cookie) is embedded on to their browser. The next time the user is surfing the internet, the cookie lets your retargeting provider know its time to serve an ad for your website. This ensures that people who have previously seen your website will be targeted and enticed to come back, which hopefully, leads to more conversions for your brand.

7. Exit Intent Technology

Exit-Intent technology tracks the mouse movements of website visitors and detects when a visitor is about to leave the site. This is done when the arrow moves up the page and goes outside of the web page. When the program detects this movement a pop up will appear which usually asks you to subscribe. The goal here is to generate leads without the consumer having to spend any money.

Some people will argue that this type of software damages the user experience as it can be annoying, however, research shows that 35% of lost shoppers can be saved with exit intent technology, especially if you offer a discount in the pop-up. 36% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts to compare prices elsewhere, so offering a discount can lead you to an immediate conversion. Annoying or not, exit intent is a crucial way to capturing leads, and with more consumers wanting to get the best deal, they can exit intent is something you should be using.

One thing I will suggest to make the pop up appear less "annoying" is to make sure it is easy for the user to close the pop-up. God only knows iv been frustrated many a time trying to find that little white cross and get my original screen back!

Statistics state that you have a mere 8 seconds to capture the user's attention, so it is really important you make sure that your website has a professional and captivating design. Assuming you have already done that, then understanding and adopting the above strategies should see you get more conversions. As always, If you have any questions leave me a comment below or tweet me at @jadekinsella88

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