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Content Is King: 10 Tips to Creating Quality Content

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

"Content is king" Bill Gates was correct! Creating quality content is the key to success. Quality content will help your site rank well in the search engines, build trust, credibility, and leadership in your industry. What makes your content quality? That depends on a number things so I have listed my top 10 tips for producing good quality content.

1. Create A Content Calendar

A content calendar is a working document usually in spreadsheet format. If you don't have one, get one! A content calendar not only focuses on the production of content but the type of content and the delivery time. Your calendar can include the creation of content for Social Media, Email Marketing, Website updates, Blogs etc.

The depth of your strategy will depend on how large your organisation is and how many people are involved in the distribution of your content. For example, is the global campaign manager coming to a close on a campaign? Are you responsible for blogging about success? If so, perhaps the campaign manager should proofread your article before it goes live. In this case, you would need to:

Create content ahead of delivery time, Proof Read, Send to the Campaign Manager for proofing, receive the draft back, make any final adjustments, publish

All of these steps should be documented in your content calendar to help you execute your content on time.

2. Be Visual

The importance of visual content has been highlighted time and time again by the industry. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Visuals can help you expand your message with less text. When you split up a body of text with an image, people are 65% more likely to remember your message and research shows they are more likely to stay on your page leading to a higher chance of executing your CTA.

3. Nail Your Headline

First and foremost, Be original. There are over 5 billion pieces on content published on the internet daily. Hundreds of other people will be in your niche, and you want to stand out. Be punchy, instead of headlining with "Content Tips" try something like "Killer Content Tips" or better yet "Content is King: Top 10 Tips To Creating Quality Content." I like that one!

4. Be on Social Media

Do not ignore the power of social media. If you don't know how to use it, get wise or higher someone who does. Social media can expand your reach beyond your dreams with demographics that can target an audience you didn't know was possible! Social media can increase brand awareness, generate leads, nurture leads, retarget previous customers and more. With 2 billion users logging into Facebook alone every day, getting your content on social media is crucial.

5. Be Consistent

Content should be produced consistently. With that in mind, the quality of your content should not be affected by your need to publish frequently. Producing quality and consistent content will help you earn your place as an established and trusted leader in your industry. Try to blog 1- 2 times a week and post daily to social media. There are many social media management tools that can help you schedule content ahead of time if you don't always have the hours in the day.

6. Follow Your Niche

Always stay in the know. You are not the only marketing agency in the industry. Find your favourite authors, brand and agencies and stay up to date. Knowledge is power. New trends and research come into action every day, and you wouldn't want to miss out on your slice of the pie!

7. Make Sure Your Content is Optimised – SEO

SEO should be one of your top tools. Make sure all your content has relevant keywords. If your blogging about marketing for Microsoft Partners make sure the keywords are spread across your content. You want to make your content visible to people who are entering keywords associated with your product or service via search engines.

8. Improve Readability

No one wants to read sentences with 36 words in and readers will easily be bored if every sentence starts with the same line. Make sure your content is grammatically correct and watch out for overusing words and sticky sentences. Content can often be filled with sticky and unnecessary words. Example:

Take the next step and boost your business by trusting Digital Media to market your brand.

This could easily be reduced to: Let Digital Media market your business into success.

9. Repurpose Content

What does repurposing mean? Repurposing content, in short, is reusing content you have already produced. When you do this, you will maximise your time and effort with the same amount of input. It will allow you to reach more potential customers by targeting people who may have missed your content or targeting new followers you may have acquired. Repurposing your content equals more content, which increases your online presence pushing you to be a leader in your industry.

10. Call to Action

You should include a CTA where ever possible. If you are a fashion brand advertising your new summer stock, simply uploading a photo saying here is our new summer line isn't enough. You need a strong CTA "Just in, our new summer range, head over to the website for the full collection" The Call To Action is telling your followers to go to your website where a purchase is likely to be made.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Don't forget to tweet me at @jadekinsella88