If you're looking for a digital marketing expert to help you achieve more from your marketing efforts then look no further!

I know that money is an important factor in any business decision. And hiring an agency to help you with your needs can be expensive. That's just another reason why you should get in touch with me and arrange a free no obligation phone consultation.




Need a fresh set of ears to run your ideas by? An hour over Skype for a sense of direction or perhaps you need someone on site every so often. My consultancy is entirely flexible to your business needs. 

Using 8+ years of digital marketing experience, I help businesses to make an impact online. I'm proficient in all areas of marketing with strong analytical, social, content, email & strategic skills. 

Unlike agencies, I won't charge you thousands per day but I can and will offer you the same expertise. I'll take the time to get to know your brand and delve deep into your industry so that I can develop a quality and effective plan to enhance your digital profile. 


Have you already got some knowledge of marketing but you know there’s room for improvement? Perhaps you’ve got a small team of executives who need to brush up on their skills. Together we’ll work out the weak areas in your marketing, and I’ll develop a unique training plan which can be delivered by PDF, Video call or on-site at your place of work. Areas you might want to incorporate into your tailored plan:

  • Marketing basics & fundamentals 

  • Introduction to Social media: The basics

  • Paid social Training: Choose between LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook 

  • Social Media Campaign Planning

  • Email Marketing - This can be combined with a tailor-made email marketing strategy

  • 3-day Intense Digital Marketing Training 

  • Seo: The basics 

  • Understanding Google Analytics 

  • Content Marketing: Turn Visitors into Leads